Poetry and Business is a new journal created with the goal of incorporating the world of work into the world of letters. It is currently accepting submissions for its second issue, which will be released in print on Groundhog’s Day, 2017.

The journal seeks poems and essays that have not been previously published. Material that is available online is considered to be previously published.

The subject matter of Poetry and Business is specific. We are looking for work that describes the meeting of verse and commerce. Poems should address some aspect of business – money, consumer experience, or professional life, for example. Essays should speak to some aspect of the interaction of business and poetry, from the perspective of either field of work. It is not necessary for contributors to be employed in the world of business.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, so long as prospective contributors communicate in a timely manner about works that have been accepted elsewhere. Up to three poems or two essays may be submitted at one time.

Poetry and Business will accept electronic submissions only, by email to

To have your work considered in the 2017 issue, please submit by the end of 2017. Poetry and Business is an annual publication, and so a gap between receipt of submissions and reply from the Journal – something in the area of one month – is to be expected.

All rights revert to the authors upon publication. Poetry and Business will claim First Serial Rights, and the right to keep material available online in electronic form.

Payment for each poem or essay accepted is $20.17, plus one copy of the volume in which the item is included.


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    My Masters Thesis was written as a biblical philosophy of work, highly acclaimed by Long Beach State. My doctoral dissertation (782 pages) of two years ago is on the impact of poetry on contemporary society, written at the request of my graduate school. Of the 15 interviews I did, Dr. Maya Angelou became the organizing factor of my project, as well as a dear friend until her death less than one year ago.

    I am a general contractor and developer by trade, and have written much on the subject of your pursuit, both of poetry and essay material.

    My roadblock is, perhaps, much of the material I have written has been self-published, although I have never taken time to solicit on the open market. However, I am in final stages of self-publishing an 800+ page book of my works of poetry, with reviews by many esteemed individuals. As much as I would like to submit, I need to hear if you are further interested, given what I have indicated to you.

    I wish you well in your new endeavor, one much needed, indeed!

    1. Jonathan

      Thank you, Richard. It sounds as if your work may be in the right direction, yes. I encourage you to submit!

  2. Priyanka Rao

    I am impressed by your initiative for transdisciplinarity; if poetry is stuck on a certain shelf then certainly it can be dragged across the global spotlight. I wish you the best

  3. Mumal rathore

    I have a short motivational poem of around 10-15 lines.
    Can I submit that for publication and get paid for it.
    I’m from India
    What are your requirements..
    Please mail me.asap
    Thank you

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