Poetry and Business – Volume 1

February 2016 poetry journal coverFebruary is a month of anticipation. At the end of a cold spell, we emerge from our dark havens back into the light, to look for signs of a thaw, for the flow of life to begin again.

Groundhog’s Day is an ancient celebration of this moment of transition, and of the power to be found along the borders where apparent opposites meet. Valentine’s Day is a holiday known for the confluence of romantic and commercial passions. So it is that February is the time of year chosen for the publication of the journal Poetry and Business.

2016 marks the publication of the first volume of Poetry and Business, filled with the verse of commerce from poets around the world.

David Olsen explores the “stagnant air of exhaled secrets”. Heather J. Kirk tells of “life in pennies by the hour”. Lee Nash offers a first purchase. Stowe Boyd opens a series of meditations on the work of Steve Jobs.

Poetry has a special power, as a subjective and qualitative form of communication, to reintroduce fluid movement to commerce, while the business of symbolism in the marketplace brings poetry back in touch with the solid ground of contemporary culture. This verse isn’t simply for consumption, however. You have the opportunity to participate. Submit your work for the second volume of Poetry and Business, to be published on Groundhog’s Day, 2017.

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